Questions that Stein Dashers Frequently Ask…..

Strollers – Sure why not? What we will ask though is that you move towards the back of the start line so you don’t accidentally sideswipe some hot shot who thinks they’re running in the Olympics. It’s for their safety, not yours. The 5K run and post-run party within Oktoberfest NW are both all ages events BUT the fenced in beer stops are 21+ due to the alcohol permits.

Can My Kids Come? Of course! The Stein Dash and Oktoberfest NW are both all ages events, in fact, if they participate in the 5K, their drink at the finish line will be a pretty tasty root beer! The only part they can’t join in on are the beer stops along the way. But they can keep running and make you catch them! Are they 10 or under? Check out the Kids Rootbeer Run!

What is the Kids 1/2 Mile Root Beer Run? Why let the over 21s have all the fun? Now – kids 10 and under will have the opportunity to participate in their own 1/2 mile dash! Run, Chug, Run! Kids will start, run .25 miles before reaching the root beer stop – kids will receive a root beer to chug before moving to the finish! All kids registered for the root beer run will receive a pretty awesome shirt & stein as well with registration – If they’re registered for the root beer run, we don’t mind at all if they tag along with you on your 5K Stein Dash!

Dogs – There’s going to be a lot going on during the day and event, so we would like all participants to come enjoy their day dog free. Let’s just say the dog might enjoy a nice day at home without you.

Injuries – That sucks. Sorry. While we can’t offer you a refund for this year’s event – we can roll over your entry to the 2024 race or transfer to a buddy. You are still welcome to party with us on your crutches though! Email before the run if this sounds like a good option.

Refunds – Due to up front costs of producing the event, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. We are happy to defer your race entry to the following year or transfer to a friend through if you shoot us an email to

Transfers – You mean giving your entry to your friend? That’ll work. Everything has to be done by October 1st though and you will need to email with the subject RACE TRANSFER to make it happen.

Beer Stations – These will be fun. Do you have to drink at them? No. Each station will have water if you prefer to fill up with that but if you registered for the Stein Dash, our guess is it’s more about the beer and less about the 5K.

Sizes – All shirts will be unisex XS – XXL. Exchanges? Probably. You will be able to exchange your race shirt for a different size (don’t wear it) after the race on a first come first serve basis. The cuts are unisex if that helps choose sizing.

Under-21 – Come Kick It! While we certainly won’t serve minors any alcohol, we’d love to invite everyone to the party. They are welcome to participate in the run and after, their drink ticket will be redeemed for a complimentary root beer in the FestHalle with everyone.

Gear – We will hold onto it for you. Gear Check is very close to the start/finish line and we can keep anything you want to check-in with us. Just be sure that your bib number stays with you. That’s how you are going to get your stuff back.

Timing Chips – That’s another souvenir for all you runners. They’re disposable so we don’t need it

Results – Just below actually. Check out how the past Stein Dashers finished!

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Race Bibs – Wear these on the front of your shirt, it’s how we get you all those sweet free photos we took of you along the course!

Time Limit – Let’s say 60 minutes. 20 minute miles? You got that easy. Walk it, run it, jog it – however you’d like to get to the finish line works for us. Let’s just keep moving through the beer stops, our volunteers want to get in the festhalle too, they’ll be thirsty watching 2,000 dashers cruise through the beer stops!

Packet Pick-Up – Yup, it’s written here too. Saturday packet pickup will happen on Saturday Oktober 7 at the Puyallup Fairgrounds – Gold Gate Parking Lot from 10am – 2pm. On race day – Starting at 9am Sunday, Oktober 8th at the start line (Blue Gate, Puyallup Fairgrounds)

What else? Check Race Info for a few other things we think are important and if you can’t find what you need – Email and we will get you some answers. Mahalo.